Prevent accidental interactions with the game while a settings dialog or pause menu is displayed.

1. Pause the Game While Dialogs Pop Up

Allow users to read tooltips without triggering underlying button presses or gestures.

2. View Information Without Interference

Guide users through a multi-step process by selectively disabling parts of the interface until needed.

3. Guide User Focus with Selective Interactivity

Implement horizontal carousels or other non-standard scrolling behaviors by combining AbsorbPointer with custom gesture detectors.

4. Craft Unique Scrolling Experiences

Display sensitive information or formatted text without allowing users to copy or select it.

5. Display Text Without Copy-Pasting

Temporarily disable interactions with widgets while they're animating to avoid unintended actions.

6. Protect Widgets During Transitions

Highlight specific elements and guide users through app features with visual cues and disabled interactions.

7. Guide Users with Interactive Walkthroughs

Create cooldown timers, disabled zones, or other game-specific interactions using AbsorbPointer.

8. Build Engaging Game Features

Prevent accidental interactions for users with motor impairments or who rely on assistive technologies.

9. Improve App Usability for All

Create custom number pickers, sliders, or other input widgets with unique interactive behaviors using AbsorbPointer.

10. Design Unique Input Experiences